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Fund: Segulah V
IT & Technology Services
Investment year: 2021
Turnover: SEK ~150m
Employees: ~110
CEO: Emil Gyllenring
Chairman: Anders Skarin
Board members: Percy Calissendorff, Johan Möllerström, Ivar Algvere, Christer Wallberg, Tomas Mora-Morrison
Responsible partner: Johan Möllerström

Multisoft is a provider of business process systems for its clients, leveraging its proprietary low code platform Softadmin®. The company predominantly develops bespoke systems, which can be seamlessly integrated with other systems as needed, but also provide fully standardized systems. Since its inception, Multisoft has delivered more than 400 systems to a broad range of customers, including Volvo, Länsförsäkringar and Vattenfall.

Multisoft was founded by Emil Gyllenring and Ivar Algvere, both still active within the Company. Multisoft is based in Stockholm and has ca. 110 employees.

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