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Fund: Segulah V
IT & Technology Services
Investment year: 2019
Turnover: MSEK ~350
Employees: ~110
CEO: Magnus Gudéhn
Chairman: Olof Sand
Board members: Percy Calissendorff, Johan Möllerström, Lena Eskilsson
Responsible partner: Percy Calissendorff

IT-Total is a B2B-provider of secure and sustainable IT infrastructure services in Sweden. The Company offers managed IT, cloud and cyber security services, data center and workplace hardware, licenses and related consultancy services, served to a sticky client base of primarily small to mid-sized private companies and public organisations with high security requirements.

IT-Total was acquired in 2019 with the ambition to support the Company in its next growth phase and strategic development and has grown significantly during recent years. Since 2019, IT-Total has made four add-ons including Devinix, EnvokeIT, Pirum and Aura, as well as acquisition of a 25% stake in Sudo, strengthening IT-Total’s offering within managed services and cloud solutions.

The Company was founded in 2011, is headquartered in Solna (Stockholm, Sweden) and has around 110 employees.

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