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Hermes Medical Solutions

Fund: Segulah V
IT & Technology Services
Investment year: 2016
Turnover: MSEK ~170
Employees: ~65
CEO: Tom Francke
Chairman: Ulf Troedsson
Board members: Anders Harrysson, Marcus Planting-Bergloo, Jan Amethier, Ola Romney
Responsible partner: Marcus Planting-Bergloo

Hermes is a leading global provider of advanced medical imaging software solutions within the field of nuclear medicine.

Hermes was founded in 1976 in Stockholm and serves a diversified customer base compromising prestigious hospitals and hospital networks (300+ customers) in 40+ countries worldwide. The company’s software platform Hermia is vendor-neutral and encompasses state-of-the art functionalities to visualise, analyse and quantify molecular imaging data. The software enables fast and accurate diagnosis of patients leveraging artificial intelligence.

Segulah V invested in Hermes in April 2016 to accelerate Hermes continued global expansion.

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