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Francks Kylindustri

Fund: Segulah V
Business Services
Investment year: 2019
Turnover: MSEK ~1,800
Employees: ~570
CEO: Magnus Detterholm
Chairman: Tomas Johansson
Board members: Håkan Bergkvist, Marcus Planting-Bergloo and Oskar Oxenstierna
Responsible partner: Marcus Planting-Bergloo

Francks is the leading Nordic industrial and commercial cooling specialist.

Founded in 1950, Francks provides business services within industrial cooling (e.g. cooling- and refrigeration solutions within industrials, district heating/cooling and logistics) and commercial cooling (e.g. cooling- and refrigeration solutions for supermarkets and professional kitchens). Francks operates across the entire value chain offering consultation, design, construction, installation, automation and aftermarket services. Francks has long relationships with blue-chip customers across the Nordics and is with its strong refrigeration expertise the go-to partner for complex projects. Francks has developed solutions for 70+ years ensuring customers’ productivity while helping to reduce the energy consumption for reduced environmental impact and improved lifetime cost.

During Amplio’s ownership, Francks has developed from a regional business in Sweden to a Nordic Group following market entry to both Norway and Denmark. The company has managed to achieve strong profitable growth, both organically and through strategic add-on acquisitions.

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