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Fund: Amplio I
Business Services
Investment year: 2023
Turnover: SEK ~180m
Employees: ~35
CEO: John von Wowern
Chairman: Peter Hamberg
Board members: Percy Calissendorff, Oskar Oxenstierna, Johan Ihrfelt, Tomas von Otter, Tobias Alsborger
Responsible partner: Oskar Oxenstierna

Founded in 2001 Ferla (previously Enstar) is a Swedish provider of cost effective and sustainable energy system solutions for heating, cooling and electricity with emphasis on renewable energy.

Ferla has a strong position within an attractive and fast-growing market driven by the need to convert to sustainable energy systems. Together with the management team Amplio’s ambition is to accelerate the future growth journey, both organically and through acquisitions.

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