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Fund: Amplio I
IT & Technology Services
Investment year: 2022
Turnover: SEK ~375m
Employees: ~220
CEO: Linus Lindström
Chairman: Ulf Engerby
Board members: Percy Calissendorff, Johan Möllerström, Stephan Andersson, Robin Kindberg
Responsible partner: Johan Möllerström

Co-native was acquired in July 2022, with the ambition to build a leading Nordic platform of cloud specialists with supporting service offerings, customer base and accelerated growth potential through buy-and-build strategy.

The first platform company at entry included Xenit, a leading Microsoft Azure focused cloud specialist based in Gothenburg (Sweden), where Amplio partnered with a strong operational team (Xenit founders).

Since 2022, Co-native has significantly expanded the group through the acquisitions of fast-growing Swedish AWS cloud specialists Buzzcloud and Elastic Move as well as the transformative acquisition of Asurgent, a leading cloud specialist within Microsoft Azure and cybersecurity in Sweden.

Through the acquisitions, Co-native has become the leading group of cloud specialists in Sweden with nationwide presence, well over 200 employees with attractive growth prospects in the growing cloud services market.

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