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IT-Total strengthens Managed Services offering through the acquisition of Aura and strategic partnership with Sudo

IT-Total strengthens its position within Digital Workplace services through the acquisition of Aura IT Solutions AB (“Aura”), and simultaneously expanding its offering within Container Management by forming a strategic partnership with Sudo Sweden AB (“Sudo”), including the acquisition of a 25% ownership stake in Sudo.

Aura, founded in 2011, is a Stockholm-based provider of Digital Workplace services, specialising in secure client management solutions with focus on Analytics and Automation. In 2022, Aura reported revenues of SEK 6.4m. Aura and IT-Total have been collaborating since 2011 and today Aura operates as an integral part of IT-Total’s Managed Services offering. By joining forces, IT-Total will strengthen its customer offering within the Workplace area. As part of the transaction, Aura will be fully integrated into IT-Total.

Sudo, established in 2021 and based in Stockholm, is a specialist within DevOps, Cloud Native, and IT Infrastructure. The company offers Container Management services including Managed Kubernetes services through its own platform, Dockyards, and related consulting services. The partnership with Sudo is expected to strengthen IT-Total’s Secure Hybrid Cloud offering through adding significant competence within Container Management, enabling secure and efficient development, distribution, and scale of customers’ applications. In 2022, Sudo reported revenues of SEK 15.6m.

The transactions of Aura and Sudo were both closed on 30 November 2023.

“We are excited to bring Aura’s capabilities onboard to enhance user experience, teamwork, and productivity within Digital Workplace through Analytics and AI. Daily operations will continue as usual but with new opportunities to further improve and modernize our services”, says Magnus Anhede, Head of Digital Workplace at IT-Total.

“We are happy to establish a strategic partnership with Sudo, adding Container Management to our offering as a sought-after next step within Secure Hybrid Cloud. Through the partnership, IT-Total can support our customers in need of container solutions with a platform that works both in public clouds or, if regulatory requirements exist, the ability to deploy applications and data in IT-Total’s secure local environments in Sweden”, says Magnus Gudéhn, CEO of IT-Total.

For further information, please visit, or contact:

Magnus Gudéhn, CEO, IT-Total, +46 70 420 00 82,

Johan Möllerström, Partner, Amplio Private Equity AB, +46 72 543 79 11,

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